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Pacifier Safety and Hygiene

Pacifier Checks: It is important to inspect your child’s pacifier before each and every use. This is not only relevant for teething babies. Even before babies teeth their gums can cause damage to any pacifier. For this reason you need to perform a pull test before each use. To perform a pull test, pull the pacifier nipple in all directions. Carefully check for any signs of damage or weakness. If any damage or weakness is found discard the pacifier immediately.

Sanitation: Before first use, place the soother in boiling water for 5 minutes, allow to cool, and squeeze out any trapped water from the soother. Clean the pacifier before each use under warm running water. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Regularly sterilize the pacifier. After sterilizing wait at least 5 minutes before giving the pacifier to your baby. During cleaning a small amount of water may enter the nipple. This can be easily expelled by gently squeezing with clean fingers.

Pacifier Don’ts: Never dip the pacifier in sweet substances or medication as this can cause tooth decay. DON’T allow baby to chew on the pacifier or use it as a teether as it can weaken the nipple.  DON’T store a pacifier in direct sunlight or near heat and avoid storing it in disinfectant.

Replacement: For hygiene and safety reasons always replace the pacifier after 1-2 months of use.

Safety Testing: Nookums LLC mandates all of our infant/baby products are safety tested at independent testing facilities and meet or exceed all applicable safety standards as set forth by the regulatory bodies in the United States. Our products meets or exceeds US product safety standards and conforms to ASTM F963-11.

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