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Pacifier Compatibility



Most Name Brand pacifiers will work with Nookums® Paci-Plushies®. Pacifiers with a button handle are a perfect fit. Pacifiers with a ring handle attach by gently stretching the flexible Hug Ring over the ring handle on the pacifier.

Please note: some NUK® Pacifiers with the Ring Handle are compatible with Paci-Plushies, but connect more loosely than other brands (don't worry, they still get the job done!)

Also note: If the Button or Ring handle is flat, our Silicone Hug Ring will not attach. 

Pacifiers with a tab handle, such as the Soothie® Pacifier can be attached but are more easily detachable. To attach a tab handle pacifier locate the rectangular "Soothie-Slot" on the Hug Ring and insert the Soothie Tab Handle through the Soothie Slot.

Below is a list of compatible pacifiers. Due to the ever changing market, this may not be a complete list of compatible pacifiers. Please email us with any questions in regards to compatibility.



Button Handle Pacifiers

Ring Handle Pacifiers

Tab Handle Pacifiers

*Please note that Gumdrop brand pacifiers are not compatible. For babies who prefer the Gumdrop® brand, we recommend using a Soothie Pacifier for use with Paci-Plushies® as the nipple shape is the same.


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