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Meet Us

Nookums® Paci-Plushies® are lovingly designed and brought to you by a mother of four pacifier loving little ones. Exhausted by constantly disappearing or misplaced pacifiers, creator Stacy Dallman sought out a solution to keep her babies pacifiers in sight and close at hand at all times.

Frustrated by the lack of options for infants who used all different brands of pacifiers, Stacy was the first to develop a plush pacifier holder that would attach to a huge variety of name brand pacifiers readily available on the market, such as MAM, Avent, NUK, Nuby, Gerber, First Years, Soothie and so on. 

Starting out small, with just five designs and a single product, Stacy was able to bring relief and comfort to thousands of parents and their babies. In 2013, Stacy's Family Operated business, Nookums™, expanded their product line to offer additional functional and creative items such as Paci-Plushies® Lavender Scented Lovies (a larger, toddler sized plush with soothing lavender aromatherapy to hush the fussies), Paci-Plushies® Chillies (a patent pending, chillable Teether that doubles as an Ice Pack as your child grows), Paci-Plushies® Shakies (with a soft rattle sound which stimulates and encourages self-play), Paci-Plushies® Blankies (soothing comfort always at hand) and introduced updated designs to the original Paci-Plushies® line, now called Paci-Plushies® Buddies. 

As a small business and loving family, we are always open to suggestions and improvements and we look forward to receiving your feedback. We hope that you enjoy our Paci-Plushies® products as much as we do!



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