Aside from running my beloved Paci-Plushies business, I am also Mommy to four children ages nine, six, thirteen months and twelve weeks. My Irish Twins (or Jr. Paci-Plushies CEO's as we like to call them), Jaxon and Mila are both in love with their pacifiers. However, these little angels do not use the same pacifier brand...after all- they wouldn't want to make life easy on their mother! But this is why Paci-Plushies are simply the best and most unique plush pacifier animals around! Little Miss Mila can use her Philips Soothie  pacifier (let's just give a well deserved shout out along with a huge Thank You to the Philips Company for making these pacifiers in pink and purple rather than the super un-cute hospital issued green). Mila also uses her awesomely adorable Ulubulu Paci that we were gifted at the ABC Kids Expo a few weeks ago, while Jaxon will use both Philips Avent Pacifiers as well as the MAM Brand with his favorite Paci-Plushies. He's current obsessed with our larger, toddler sized Paci-Plushies Lovies. 

We have been counting our blessings this year as it was the first time in six years that our  family has been able to celebrate Halloween in the traditional North American style (i.e. Door-to-Door Trick-or-Treating) as we spend the majority of our time overseas due to my husbands profession. 

Check out our rainy "first" Halloween and our adorable Paci-Plushie using Irish Twins!