We're in LOVE with Baby Bottle Bibs by Le Bibble®- a bold, bright & colorful addition to your baby's bottle! 


Created by single mom, Michelle, who wanted to keep baby bottle dribble off from her baby's chin, Le Bibble® is a practical and stylish solution for milk dribbles! Aside from being a built in burp cloth (for little dribbles, of course), what we love most about Le Bibble® is that the modern designs and trendy colors add a bit of bling to our otherwise boring baby bottles that have hardly seen a makeover in the past decade. 

Le Bibble® is available in an array of stylish designs. Our favorites are Le Ele & Le Skull

I have used Le Bibble with two of my babies, one being an extremely "sloppy" bottle fed baby due to a condition called Laryngomalacia. Babies with this condition are born with a soft voice box, causing noisy breathing, problems feeding and a whole lot of reflux, drool and spit up. Le Bibble has been a lifesaver in our household! Thank goodness for Mom-Inventors and their smart and stylish way to solve our daily problems!