Are your Baby's teething tendencies turning Mama into a hot mess?! Has your entire household given up on sleep altogether? We're here to help our Paci-Plushies Mama's and their precious Babes cope through these trying times


When your baby is teething, a number of things might happen:

  • Her gums might look extra red and/or swollen
  • Drooling might increase
  • Baby might rub on his gums, suck or bite more often than usual
  • Cheeks can become flushed or red
  • Feeding may decrease or become visibly uncomfortable
  • Baby might refuse her pacifier
  • General irritability may become commonplace 

Why is my baby refusing the breast, bottle or pacifier?

When tiny teeth are pushing their way through Baby's gums, the gums become swollen and extra sensitive. Sucking can increase the blood flow to the swollen areas of your baby's gums, causing increased sensitivity and discomfort during feeding and normal pacifier use. 

How can I help my Baby cope with the pain?

  • Soothing Teething Toys such as Paci-Plushies Chillies

  • A clean, cold, damp washcloth (this can also be put in the freezer or refrigerator)

  • Homeopathic teething granules. Some Moms swear by these. Simply pop into Baby's mouth and let dissolve on the tongue, following the instructions on the packet for dosage.