We often receive questions from new parents asking how soon they can introduce Paci-Plushies® to their newborns. Lovingly designed to attach to all sizes of infant pacifiers from newborn to toddlers, Paci-Plushies® can make a great addition to your new baby's pacifier, but results will vary from infant to infant. If your first or second introductions to Paci-Plushies® don't go over so smoothly, we recommend putting the Paci-Plushies® away for a month or so and trying again when your baby is a bit more developed.

My first son used his Paci-Plushies® from the time he was a few weeks old with great results. I never seemed to loose track of pacifiers around the house because a Paci-Plushie® was always in sight. But as they say, all babies are different, and this certainly rang true with the addition of my second son, who's erratic newborn hand and arm movements always pushed or pulled the plush animal (and pacifier) out of his mouth. As a result, we used Paci-Plushies® with baby number two sparingly until he developed more motor control and stopped pulling the pacifier from his mouth. 

Note: The picture attached shows a sleeping baby using P-Nut The Puppy Paci-Plushies®, but we always like to remind parents and caregivers that direct supervision is recommended at all times when using any sort of pacifier attachments, including when your infant is sleeping. It's advised to remove the Paci-Plushies® from your infants pacifier when left unattended or out of sight. Safety is our first concern, and you can never be too safe with your sweet baby!