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Baby Products- Gotta Have It! 1.) Chalk Place Mats: by Jaq Jaq Bird: Why? Because Babies get bored. Fast. Your itty bitty newborn will literally transform into a chubby little thing with the attention span of…well, a baby! With their non-toxic "ButterStix" made out of food grade material rather than traditional... Read More

    Admission in the making: I continue to lose pacifiers around my house and it is driving me insane! The reason being is that my youngest little princess, five month old Mila Rose, can't quite use her Paci-Plushies very well yet. She has the most wild tongue thrust reflex that... Read More

Jun 04, 2013   

Mompreneur Monday- Le Bibble

We're in LOVE with Baby Bottle Bibs by Le Bibble®- a bold, bright & colorful addition to your baby's bottle!    Created by single mom, Michelle, who wanted to keep baby bottle dribble off from her baby's chin, Le Bibble® is a practical and stylish solution for milk dribbles! Aside from being a... Read More

Aside from running my beloved Paci-Plushies business, I am also Mommy to four children ages nine, six, thirteen months and twelve weeks. My Irish Twins (or Jr. Paci-Plushies CEO's as we like to call them), Jaxon and Mila are both in love with their pacifiers. However, these little angels do... Read More

Are your Baby's teething tendencies turning Mama into a hot mess?! Has your entire household given up on sleep altogether? We're here to help our Paci-Plushies Mama's and their precious Babes cope through these trying times   When your baby is teething, a number of things might happen: Her gums... Read More

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